When you donate to Parent Alliance for Students with Exceptional Needs, your donation goes straight to our clients.

Through our REED Scholarship, we offer discounts on advocacy, memberships, and resources to those families who can't afford to pay our already low prices.

We never want to turn away a client just because they can't pay. Your child's education is much more important to us than the money we would make.

Unfortunately, giving discounts so big that they cut into the amount of money we make to run the nonprofit cannot last forever, and our advocates donate so much of their time already, we can't ask them to continue to donate more by giving free advocacy.

Without your generosity, the money we pay to our fantastic advocates would eventually run out, and then we are no longer able to help and maintain the nonprofit.

PASEN is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity (EIN 83-2054691) so your donation of more than $250 is tax deductable, and you will receive a receipt from us to confirm your donation to the IRS.


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